About the coronavirus and the thought of John N. Gray

This article reviews the reflections of the English political philosopher John Gray on the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in the societies of the immediate future. Gray’s conclusion is forceful: “The era of peak globalization is over”. Keywords coronavirus, John Gray, globalization, liberalism. [Text in Read more…

Diary of the confinement in the life of children and adolescents

The situation that we have lived through and are still living as a result of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, has been a fact of which we still cannot assess the physical, psychological, economic, social, historical and, in general, vital consequences that will have in our lives. [Text in Spanish] Read more…

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  • – Some reflections on the psychic experiences in the population during the COVID-19 pandemic [Text in Catalan and Spanish]
  • – Childhood victim of violence [Text in Spanish]
  • – Perversion and art [Text in Catalan]
  • – Oedipus complex [Text in Spanish]
  • – Open dialogue at the CSMA2 in Badalona [Text in Catalan]
  • – About the coronavirus and the thought of John N. Gray [Text in Spanish]
  • – The care of the word – Poetry and psychoanalysis [Text in Catalan]
  • – Some notes on the book «The secret of Antoni Tàpies. Reflections on the poetics of the wall» by Massimo Recalcati [Text in Catalan]
  • – About «Emotional Heritage. A Journey to Invisible Feelings» by Ramon Riera [Text in Catalan]

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Poetic creation and the riddle of suicide: Hart Crane i Alejandra Pizarnik

This essay explores the relationship between the literary imagination, poetic creation, and suicide through the work of two poets who took their own lives: Hart Crane and Alejandra Pizarnik. Drawing on authors from the psychoanalytic field such as Vincenzo Marzulli, and literary critics such as Read more…

Do you not exaggerate a little, to call social and political attention, when you say that inequality in health is the worst epidemic of our time?

«Health inequalities: an epidemic we can avoid» Interview with Joan Benach and Carles Muntaner, public health teachers at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and the University of Toronto respectively, and directors of the Employment Conditions Network and Health Inequalities (Emconet) which is part of the WHO Social Determinants Health Commission. [Text in Spanish] Read more…