IV Ángel Garma Award

AEN / COPC and journal Intercanvis/Intercambios Psychoanalysis Papers call for the best work on psychoanalysis

The psychoanalytic perspective and the activities of the psychoanalysis section are present, we assume that psychoanalysis is not dead, nor is it part of historical memory, or not only. It is active, there is creativity, beyond the support in the big ones, in Freud, Bion, Winnicott, Klein, Lacan, … and so many psychoanalysts. Psychoanalysis can and should be current, continues and can continue in the day to day clinical and therapeutic work, research and creation.

Why this Angel Garma Award?

Ángel Garma Award aims to be a stimulus for the creation of new productions in the field of psychoanalysis. Ángel Garma was from Bilbao, of a Cantabrian paternal family, lands that he attended on different occasions of his life (in Guriezo, Santander, Santillana, …). It is also intended to pay tribute to his person and his work. That psychiatrist partner of the AEN of those first years of existence, trained in psychoanalysis in Berlin, first psychoanalyst in the Spanish field recognized by the IPA, pioneer of Argentine psychoanalysis, cradle of so many thousands of psychoanalysts from all over the world, whose work transcended internationally ( psychosomatic, dreams, psychoanalytic technique, …).

From the Basque Association of the AEN -OME- was formalized and donated in 2010 the documentary fund to the Foral Library of Bizkaia and organized in Bilbao in 2013, the I Angel Garma Award for the best work on psychoanalysis; the II was in Zaragoza in 2015; the III in Santander in 2017 and the IV in Barcelona in 2019 driven by the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia and the journal Intercanvis.

What is rewarded?

The best of the works on psychoanalysis will be awarded according to the criteria of the Jury, these can be presented in different formats: article, conference, book, research, program, audiovisual media, etc. Known the origins of the works in previous editions, it is an International Award aimed primarily at the Latin American area.


  1. Fall to journal Intercanvis/Intercambios Psychoanalysis Papers, the reception of applicant works to be evaluated and awarded.
  2. All professionals of psychoanalysis can compete on an international level.
  3. The articles presented must correspond to research and/or essay works and clinical practice papers.
  4. The writing style, the design and the type of work is free.
  5. Articles written in Catalan, Spanish, English, French or Italian may be submitted.
  6. In the texts, summaries, annexes and bibliographical notes should be added. The pages must be properly numbered.
  7. The authors must submit four copies, written in Word format, printed on one side and with line spacing of 1.5. If presented online, 4 copies will not be necessary.
  8. The copies must be identified with author’s name, ID, address, landline or mobile phone number, email address and author’s curricular summary.
  9. With the copies of the article, it will be necessary for author to sign a document attesting that it is an unpublished work that has been done with the purpose of participating in the prize and a letter postulating his article for the Ángel Garma Award.
  10. Each article will be evaluated by a qualifying jury, composed of recognized psychoanalysts. The jury will be responsible for choosing up to three winning articles. The winners will be chosen by majority vote.
  11. The jury’s decision is final.
  12. Articles submission term begins on April 3, 2018 and ends on December 1, 2018. The jury will give verdict before February 2019. The award will be delivered in April 2019 at Official College of Psychology of Catalonia.
  13. The winning articles may be published in Psiara, Intercanvis Psychoanalysis Papers, Norte de salud mental, Temas de Psicoanálisis and AEN journal. Non-awarded items will be returned, at request of its author, one month after the jury’s decision.
  14. The jury will be made up of prestigious professionals such as Carmen Garma, Ana Bloj, Iñaki Markez, Àngels Vives, Manuel Desviat, Olga Villasante, Montserrat Canal, Josep Vilajoana and a member of the jounal Intercanvis/Intercambios Psychoanalysis Papers.
  15. The official address for sending articles will be:

    Intercanvis. Psychoanalysis Papers.
    Passeig de Sant Gervasi, 8 entresol 2a – 08022 Barcelona

    or through email:

    It should indicate IV Ángel Garma Award by AEN / COPC and journal Intercanvis/Intercambios Psychoanalysis Papers for the best work on psychoanalysis.

Barcelona, March 13, 2018


Download rules of the award in pdf

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Passeig de Sant Gervasi, 8 entresol 2a – 08022 Barcelona