Bases of Online Psychotherapy and Interventions

We develop a theoretical concept concerning the mental apparatus and technology, the myth of Narcissus and the technological mirror, reality and virtual reality; we briefly check some authors’ conceptions that facilitate the comprehension of the online world such as Marshall McLuhan, Derrick de Kerckhove and Pierre Lévy. We have demonstrated, through other research, that online psychotherapy enables processes and therapeutic microprocesses allowing for mechanisms of repair and transformation; after which we establish the bases of psychotherapy and of online interventions based on four fundamental axes:

    1) the relationship between the techno-social structure and the psychopathological structure,
    2) the relationship between virtual and physical presence
    3) the use of the main characteristics of online communication and
    4) the psychotherapist’s role online.

psychotherapy, online, virtual presence, physical presence, therapeutic process

Raúl Vaimberg Grillo
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