Conference of Psychoanalysis

Dear Members
We would like to confirm to you that, as approved in the Assembly in June 2022, we are preparing the
First Conference of Psychoanalysis
Intercanvis/Psychoanalysis Papers

These Days will be dedicated to the figure of the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Francesc Tosquelles i Llauradó,
his work, his exile in France and his work at the hospital of Saint Alban. We also want to think about his legacy in the psychoanalytic-psychiatric practice of today.

We are working hard to ensure that these will be clinical conferences for exchange, dialogue and in-person meeting. We will have as rapporteur, among others, his son, the psychiatrist, Jacques Tosquelles.
We will report you punctually in relation to organization and content, but now we would ask you to book the date
Barcelona, Saturday 10 June 2023
9:00 am to 14:30 am.

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Graciela Traba – In memoriam

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