Images by André Green


André Green, who died in January 2012, has had a leading position in the international psychoanalytic movement that, in my opinion, cannot be explained solely by the relevance, dissemination and knowledge of his work. In Green’s work, people recognize at the same time his fidelity to Freudian thought and the development of highly original work; but he has also been the team leader of the psychoanalytic position that we can describe as subjectivist and anti-scientist (but not anti-scientific), concerned about not diluting the psychoanalytic specificity under the pretext of aggiornamento. These images, although partial and limited as the core of his contribution to the psychoanalytic theory is left aside, are devoted to this aspect of his work.

André Green, crisis of psychoanalysis, psychoanalyst’s training, research, subjectivism, objectivism

Carlos Sánchez
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