The cotherapy. Its usefulness in psychotic transfers

Co-therapy is a very useful tool in solving particularly difficult cases by an institution with limited resources. The analysis of a real case-family allows for the assessment of the potential advantages of co-therapy.

The presence of two therapists brings into the session the libidinal relationship between them. The presence of a second therapist modifies the therapists’ way of thinking and allows for emotional distance with the speech.

Co-therapy work allows the patients to progressively recognize the non-destructive differences between the therapists. The libidinal relationship among both therapists allows for the initial destructive relationship to shift to a libidinal one.

The presence of two therapists exposes the double mental state relationship with the patients. The function of the psychical bisexuality, formed by the feminine-nurturer and the masculine-creator, will be discussed.

cotherapy, transference, institution, binding, unidentification process, psychical spaces, destructive drive, psychical bisexuality

Anna Vilaseca Roca, Ana Sáez Ramírez
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