To represent, subjective construction images


This work, that I do intent to present as a game, considers as a starting point some of the so far called first history works of art, so as to think their consubstantial aspects in their representation. Representing may possibly be the only way we have of approaching and apprehending the reality. A reality which, in turn, results to be ineffable, inapprehensible. Therefore, the representation has to face such dense concepts as helplessness, identification, detachment, drive, love, death, etc. So the text is about cuts that, if things work properly, build up a subjective reality, giving shape to the subject, and also drawing an exteriority.

By all means, through this path, I try to ponder to make an approach to the representation, the tool of our work here, and hence express how inseparable it turns out to be from the human being.

It is about, metaphorically speaking, pouring «the liquid» of the representation through a wicker basket, and then be able to observe the resulting sludge in it.

representation, ineffable, presence, absence, subjective construction.

Joan Homs Vich
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