A century ago: The Ego and The Id (1923)


In my opinion, it is worth recalling the dates that constitute in the psychoanalytic world, and therefore in Western culture and elsewhere, historical milestones that have produced a cultural turning point. Thus we have the 1923 article: «The Ego and The Id». Freud showed the new mental structure of the human being. In my opinion it remains fully valid. On the other hand, it is worth debating whether the psychoanalytic axiom of the feeling of guilt as the death drive, already questioned by Oskar Pfister, psychoanalyst and close friend of Freud’s, is still valid today.

We have to build an egodicy to clarify and strengthen the ego: the only torch we have to guide us in this new technocratic paradigm that tries to eradicate the subjectivity of the ego. In my view, depth psychology has a great task to accomplish.

Freud, paradigm, egodicea, drive, guilt

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

For this situation, I think we have to bear in mind that «the conscious is real; but not everything real is conscious». This is where personal resistance arises, which the ego does not perceive because it reasons or justifies them, private or personal fields, or intellectualizes them, public field, and it is subject to an ideology as its own decision. Or in this other «the tangible is real, (with the great action of the scientific method, absolute and unique way to find the truth of the scientific, non-scientific and the difference is the attitude in the healthy relativity of this method, because for the former it is the only one, for the latter there are others), but not everything real is tangible». And today, quantum physics is already opening up a new perspective by indicating that matter is an accumulation of energy. And observation is the basis. Freud, in the prologue, makes a whole evolution of the content of the concept of unconscious as of conscious. Be on the surface or elevation. And put the image of the iceberg: the tip is the «ego». And so the rest is pre/subconscious and unconscious. This last is […]

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