A hundred years ago: Psychology of the Masses (1921)


Centenaries are an occasion to celebrate cultural anniversaries. Here we are one hundred years after Sigmund Freud’s writings, a century is a long time and at the same time it passes quickly. What was Freud’s vision of “the masses”? In the article, I will recover a few pearls from this writing, but there are many others. And in a special way: the libido, which is the hinge of the booklet. And even more so today, when we live in a global, but plural world. And this plurality does not take away the mass or multitude that moves guided by idealising “bosses”. A whole collective unconscious affective relationship.

libido, unconscious, mass, ego

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

A simple reminder about a man who is researching and looking into a human continent unknown, but existing, the unconscious: whether or not it is accepted. Its originality comes not only from the discovery, which it is, but from its research attitude: His genius. Knowing what Freud said in his cultural context, what would he say today in our global context? So what do we say?

Cultural memory, its ephemerides that enrich us, must be cultivated. The world of deep psychology, deep psychology or dynamic psychology, which is psychoanalysis in both singular and plural, enjoys this privilege: Cultural memory. In addition, enjoying these events that emerged in the previous century and now making historical and cultural memory is always a new opportunity to continue researching, looking into, processing and updating.

Contextualized reading of the text The Psychology of the Masses (Freud, 1921) can and, indeed, does, helps to understand current events as our “topic is different” and we need reinterpretation. Freud impacted our culture. If everything that is conscious is psychological; not everything that is psychological is conscious. Here comes the function of the Freudian ego: the rider who gallops with the horse or the helmsman driving the ship or the conductor of the musical orchestra or the function of manager, not owner. Freud reminds us of […]

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