A particular semiotics
Reviews about the psychosomatic phenomenon


In this paper you will find a singular proposal of how the category of «idea» or «presentation», from semiotics, can also be understood from psychoanalysis, and how, in this crossover, it can raise questions as essential as those that make the being.

It is therefore considering two supreme categories of ontology: the quality and the relationship, that I intend to account for a basic phenomenon in a unique psychopathology — psychosomatic. Thus, as in its development, you will find some conceptual and philosophical questions, which are not in any way in dispute with the objective set above. It is, finally, to identify some possible paths to a controversial psychopathology, where the presentation (idea) is not exactly what prevails, we know that this necessarily involves a third party and that not only is evident from the quantity (one) summed with the quality (two), but that it is the interjection (three) which is required. The focus is therefore to suggest the role of interpreter as an outsider to that presentation (idea) and who has not gone through that experience from which he was subject. He is attached, but we do not know to what. It then leads to find out what signs are involved.

idea or presentation, quantity, synthesis and experience.

Mauricio Santín Iriarte
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