About Tosquelles and his values

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

First thing comes to mind is: I want to pass on something? To leave any marks? When I talk about Tosquelles, his history and my relationship with him, do I want to convey anything about the marks that others have left on me?

And my little narcissism, do it want to leave something of me in close people, family, friends, professionals?

Do we want to continue transmitting? Apparently, that’s right…

As far as I am concerned and as little as I know about myself, I have to say that those who have left their mark on me have been those who, through their testimony, through their making, convinced me.

But let us make more preliminary reflections on what I want to convey. What do we talk about when we talk about transmitting? Transmit a knowledge or transmit a desire? A desire through my «doing things well»? But desire is so attached to the subconscious of each one, that it is impossible to transmit it directly.

Other ways to make my testimony credible?

The marks that others have left in us, do we think it was because of their knowledge? For what did we see from their knowledge through their practice? Out of their desire?

I read somewhere that transmission passes through the analyst’s desire and is transmitted as experience.

Is it enough to sow so that the seed gives its fruit?

What compost to use? How far is it appropriate not to phagocyte the other?

And because you can see that I am not only quoting Freud, Lacan, or Tosquelles, García Lorca already told us, when he was talking about the great artist «La niña de los peines» (The combs’ girl)[…]

Fernando Vicente Gómez
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