Adolescence and mental illness. Family support during and after the crisis


This article is a brief guide to help families with mentally ill teenagers to perceive the situation in which they are living in terms of human relationships. With this in mind, it encourages parents to play an empathic role and to seek solidarity and support from their human environment.

Stress is laid on the importance played by social bonds in improving people’s living conditions and their individual equilibrium. Adolescence is viewed in the context of a social crisis that is a conducive to mental illness. The author implicitly appeals for the reinforcement of social bonds with a view to restoring health, while emphasizing something that is often overlooked: the genuine contribution that every individual, however ill, can make to his or her surroundings by becoming an active member of the group rather than remaining isolated from it.

adolescence, mental disorder, support, recovery, empathy as a function.

Núria Mata i Vinyets
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