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The article deals with some healing factors of the therapeutic relationship where the basic tool is not necessarily the interpretation, nor the symbolic value of the word, but aspects related to moments of genuine spontaneity, prioritizing the environment or relational climate. It highlights the richness and therapeutic utility of what, unexpectedly, occurs between the participants of the clinical dyad and that contributes to the establishment of a real bond that, perhaps, could be symbolized. It also addresses how these aspects are usually referred to in informal exchange spaces between professionals (rest spaces or common spaces) and not so much in supervisions, clinical sessions or seminars and congresses.

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[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

I understand that this awareness is no longer, or not in a central way, that of his function as a translator of the patient’s unconscious from the interpretation, but as someone who swings, without solution of continuity, between an outside-inside of the session; the analyst observes what happens in this relationship, from the outside, but intensely involved in it; he is inside and outside at the same time, pending the dyad-link that is being built between the two. It is almost as if he were both judge and party.

This model implies a slippage of the analyst’s interpretative function, where the priority is to find a certain unconscious truth in the patient, to an attitude that prioritises, fundamentally, the establishment of a symbolic tie between the two; in the sense of becoming, one for the other, as significant internalised objects. This is an unavoidable objective, although not exclusively, with those patients who, due to the vicissitudes of their own life history, have not been able to symbolise the bond.

On one occasion, a colleague described to me an interview with the father of a sixteen year old patient, who had great difficulty in establishing bonds. My colleague told me one of the answers he gave to the father: «for a while I will be like one of the family, but different».

Juan Romeu
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