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Have been published paper magazine issue 50 which includes a monograph dedicated to Dr. Francesc Tosquelles. You will find articles by Carmen Amorós, José María Franco, Joan Homs, Susana Volosín, Iñaki Markez, Jacques Tosquellas, Belén Pardo, Miquel Bassols, Pere Llovet, Julieta Lucero, Florencia Bernthal, Mari Carmen Giménez, Antonio Soler, Jerónimo Erviti, Antoni Talarn Read more…

Conference of Psychoanalysis

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Published the Awarded texts in the IV Ángel Garma award

1st Award shared in the IV Ángel Garma Award to best unpublished work on psychoanalysis. Barcelona, 2019 «Gender and sexual difference from a psychoanalytic perspective» by Jorge Marugán Kraus The article co-awarded in the fourth Ángel Garma Award to best unpublisehd work on psychoanalysis is Read more…

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  • Dossier: Covid-19?

  • – Anxiety, depression and emotional distress [Text in Catalan]
  • – Approach to death in a long-stay residential unit [Text in Catalan]
  • – Mental suffering in Covid-19 [Text in Spanish]
  • – The face mask: a new abnormality [Text in Spanish]
  • – Effects on the mental health of people in housing emergency processes in Ciutat Meridiana [Text in Spanish]
  • – Learning from the virus [Text in Spanish]
  • General section

  • – The child and pediatric dentistry [Text in Spanish]
  • – To take flight in adolescence: adopted youth [Text in Spanish]
  • – For to read Erich Fromm in Spanish [Text in Spanish]
  • – Review of the book «Living prematurity» by Remei Tarrago et al [Text in Spanish]

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  • – Some reflections on the psychic experiences in the population during the COVID-19 pandemic [Text in Catalan and Spanish]
  • – Childhood victim of violence [Text in Spanish]
  • – Perversion and art [Text in Catalan]
  • – Oedipus complex [Text in Spanish]
  • – Open dialogue at the CSMA2 in Badalona [Text in Catalan]
  • – About the coronavirus and the thought of John N. Gray [Text in Spanish]
  • – The care of the word – Poetry and psychoanalysis [Text in Catalan]
  • – Some notes on the book «The secret of Antoni Tàpies. Reflections on the poetics of the wall» by Massimo Recalcati [Text in Catalan]
  • – About «Emotional Heritage. A Journey to Invisible Feelings» by Ramon Riera [Text in Catalan]

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Elisabeth Roudinesco, historian of psychoanalysis, interviewed in La Contra de La Vanguardia,
watch an interview video in French

Roudinesco is an intellectual authority in France. Daughter of May ’68, is one of the greatest experts in the world in the history of psychoanalysis. He is a member of the Freudian School of Paris (founded by Jacques Lacan), member of the French Society of Read more…