Approach to death in a long-stay residential unit

Dossier: Covid-19? Re-establishing links: «crossing the familiar history and the work of the subjectivity. Approach and support in front of the death of their relatives» Presentation of the work proposed to do with families of residents with intellectual disability and mental health disorders in a Read more…

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  • Dossier: Covid-19?

  • – Anxiety, depression and emotional distress [Text in Catalan]
  • – Approach to death in a long-stay residential unit [Text in Catalan]
  • – Mental suffering in Covid-19 [Text in Spanish]
  • – The face mask: a new abnormality [Text in Spanish]
  • – Effects on the mental health of people in housing emergency processes in Ciutat Meridiana [Text in Spanish]
  • – Learning from the virus [Text in Spanish]
  • General section

  • – The child and pediatric dentistry [Text in Spanish]
  • – To take flight in adolescence: adopted youth [Text in Spanish]
  • – For to read Erich Fromm in Spanish [Text in Spanish]
  • – Review of the book «Living prematurity» by Remei Tarrago et al [Text in Spanish]

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Presentation of the SYSIFO collective report

[Text in Catalan]: Agraïm als companys psicòlegs del col·lectiu SYSIFO l’informe, preliminar i d’urgència, tal com ells reconeixen, que han elaborat sobre la situació a Ciutat Meridiana (Barcelona). L’impacte de la desigualtat en la salut mental dels individus i les famílies és el tema que Read more…

Effects on the mental health of people in residential emergency processes in Ciutat Meridiana (Barcelona)

Incidence of the Covid-19 pandemic and suicide risk. A look at psychological distress and mental health. This article aims to explain the phenomenon of psychological distress of people who are in a situation of extreme housing vulnerability, based on the experience of the psychologists members Read more…