Celebration of difference and praise of uprooting and acceptance Identities, migrations, mental health and human rights
Second part


This second part is, again, a nomadic text, under this perspective that traverses knowledge about the migrations, exiles and the diverse human movements. While the previous article was the celebration of the difference in recognition of the singularity of each individual product of their identifications, this is a praise of the uprooting, the permanent search and the consciousness of being foreigners that unites us.

The rooting is not to the earth but to the other, and the welcoming is condition of the establishment and growth of the human in any place. It questions the psycho(patho)logical understanding of the human feelings that move the migration; dismisses the clinical perspective of the identity linked to migratory processes and advocates mental health care for migrants that avoids unnecessary diagnoses, stigmas and segregation and does not reinforce unfounded myths; a kind of mental health respecting their native culture.

migration, exile, identities, (up)rooting, mental health, stigmatization, reception

José Leal Rubio
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