Child victims of violence


Aggression against the other is the testimony of the failure of the word and the nullification of all responses. Violence breaks out when the other is denied and is not respected in its diversity. The possibility of violence is present in human beings and runs through the history of humanity.

Children who never knew other modes of relationship than violence in its different forms hardly imagine that other relational models could exist, which very early causes guilt feelings that make them feel responsible for everything that happens to them.

In the therapy of the child victim of violence, it is necessary to know how to listen to the child, attend to what he does not say or cannot express with words and make him see from the beginning that he is not to blame for what happened.

Childhood, violence, psychism, bond

[Text in Spanish]: El contrapunto de la violencia es el concepto de conflicto y la importancia de su reconocimiento para el lazo social. El conflicto se puede negociar cuando el otro no es negado y se le respeta en su diversidad. La violencia irrumpe cuando esto no es posible y se establece el rechazo al otro.

Decía Lacan que cuando la palabra dimite empieza la violencia. La agresión contra el otro es el testimonio del fracaso de la palabra y de la anulación de toda respuesta.

Es así como la violencia rompe el lazo y ataca nuestros vínculos y sus leyes. […]

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