Of these times and psychoanalysis
Collective and individual subjectivity in the contemporary clinic


Postmodern society questions and dissolves values; consequently, persons who until then have lived in the midst of illusions symbolized by religion, the community and stability now find themselves in a different world. There has come about a fading of comforting gods and fictions that previously dealt with worldly existence. Social circumstances, just as during previous epochs, affect the subjective construction of the psychism displaying new forms of suffering. We behold a man who prefers to avoid the tragic subjectivity of the unconscious, which manifests a part of the contemporary ideal that entails the absence of trauma. Immerse in a society that permanently invents desires unproductive for psychic economy, distress, anxiety, depression, abulia and maladjustment of the instincts seem to settle in as current pathologies. We observe pathologies that do not pay tribute to lack, in the sense of the void that desire and sublimation generate, but to symptoms that reject otherness. In the framework of contemporaneity, constantly revising the different modes of psychic suffering will allow us to improve our therapeutic intervention, once more reinventing our practice.

psychoanalytical clinical practice; subjective construction; contemporary pathologies; social circumstances; current symptoms; contemporary ideals and imperatives; otherness

Susana Peses Wasserman
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