Fernando de Vicente

Saturday June 10th 2023, 10:10h

“On Francesc Tosquelles and his values”

The psychoanalyst, Fernando de Vicente, who analyzed with him as well as becoming a great friend, will tell us first hand about the professional career of Dr. Tosquelles.

  Fernando Vicente Gómez studied Clinical Psychology in Madrid and Philosophy and Diploma Superior of Clinical Psychology in Paris.

  He worked with Dr. Francesc Tosquelles, who became his first analyst and with whom he maintained a solid relationship—both professional and friendship—until his death in 1994. He also worked with psychoanalysts Rosine and Robert Lefort, who were both close to Jacques Lacan. With Rosine he began his second analysis. In the framework of lifelong training for professional adults, he taught at the universities of Paris XII and Paris VII. He currently continues to work, above all, as a supervisory psychoanalyst in the psychiatric media of Barcelona, Paris and Toulouse.