Conference of Psychoanalysis from Barcelona

Next broadcast :: Saturday, June 10th 2023 9:30h

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Day program

9:30 h – Presentation of the Day by Marisa Ara, member of Intercanvis magazine’s board.

9:50 h – “After Francesc Tosquelles” by psychiatrist and son of Francesc Tosquelles, Jacques Tosquelles.

10:10 h – “On Francesc Tosquelles and his values” by the psychoanalyst Fernando de Vicente.

10:50 h – “The institutional practice and training with Francesc Tosquelles” by psychiatrist Belén Pardo. 

11.25 h – Interval

11:45 h – “Francesc Tosquelles or psychoanalysis in backwards” by psychoanalyst Miquel Bassols.

12:20 h – “Institutes dedicated to the treatment of madness and segregated childhood” by psychoanalyst Pere Llovet. 

12:45 h – Colloquium

13:30 h – The day will be closed by Oriol Martí, member of Intercanvis magazine’s board.

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Day program:
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