Counter-transference in the clinic with children


The child psychoanalyst is faced with a framework of counter-transference; with the emergence of the archaic within the child and with the inclusion of the parents in the therapy process. For the therapist this raises a confrontation between their own archaic and unconscious aspects of their relationship with their own parents. Considering that the countertransference is a sensitive area, using it as a source of psychoanalysis brings us closer, through the association of unconscious aspects of the therapist, to the child patient’s unconscious and to unconscious aspects of the parents that are part of the child’s symptoms.

The first part of this article expands on some theoretic contributions, questions and reflections with reference to the psychoanalytical space and the child patient. The second part leads us to the counter-transference framework in the psychoanalytical space with the parents.

counter-transference, transference, corporal, narcissism, self-analysis

Magda Blanch
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