The crisis and its effects on subjectivity


This article describes some of the harmful effects of the current crisis of capitalism, with its economic and social consequences, on people’s subjectivity, granting special attention to anxiety disorders, fear and depression. We are passing from a welfare state to one of abandonment and lack of protection, which reactivates in individuals the primary trauma of helplessness thus generating narcissistic regressions, crisis of ideals and denial of reality. One might wonder how we have come to this situation. According to the explanatory model proposed by Freud (1930) in Civilization and its Discontents, the organization of society gave rise to a civilization that promoted the protection of its subjects. However, the advance of the capitalistic model has produced devastation as it compels to produce more, accumulate more , earn more and consume more. In addition to this, we behold a crisis of imagination and creative thought, as well as an impoverishment of language, leading to the deterioration of subjectivity , together with a destruction of thought and in particular of meanings.

Who will triumph, Eros or Thanatos?

We need a new social paradigm.

Key words:
crisis, subjectivity, anxiety, depression, capitalistic model.

Eduardo Braier
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