The cuts and the effects of resignification of meaning in Nuovo Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore


Salvatore (Toto) is the main character of the film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. He’s a famous director in Rome and he knows the roots in the childhood of his profession. But the cercle doesn’t close until the death of Alfredo, his paternal referent in Sicilia. What is repressed, under the shape of the cut and censored images, reappear as a posthumous gift. The freudian point of view show many psychic processes in two times, the second one gives value to the first. From the concept of retroactive signification and the lacanian concept of stitch, we understand that mark a speech is to produce sense. The main axis in the work of Tornatore is the paternal function of castration. We can distinguish three versions of this function, and each one gives new signification to the corresponding senses of the cinematographic speech.

psychoanalitic clinical and cinema; paternalfunction; giving new signification; cuts; versions

Joan Pijuan
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