Destinations of the non-transferred


The current brief text is the third one of a triad regarding technique and the concept of the tirad unconscious. Right here, we are searching for the destinations of the non-transferred or, that is, what would not ever find a proper response from the object.

Giving instinct (drives) the value of a message to be symbolized, the destinations of the nontransferred will render some unmentalized cysts that may carry the subject along unnamed terror or, in any case, holding up the progress of symbolization or making access to auto-sedative pathways easier.

What is mentioned as non-transferred or in absence of a reply generates autistic-somatic cysts.

Key words:
unmentalized cyst, other responsiveness, drive messenger, unnamed terror, autistic-somatic cyst, child by day and child by night

Javier de Juan Blázquez
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