Effects of noise on health


I have been interested in the issue of the effects of noise on emotional and physical health for some time now. At first glance it may seem a simple subject, as we do not pay attention. In this article I have tried to convey its complexity, doing it enticing and entertaining at the same time.
Noise has local and general physical effects, has cognitive and emotional effects and has also especial effects on children.
I have found many lists. I have evaluated whether to keep them or not. I have decided to do so, to give an idea of the diversity of effects at different levels, and also to be able to relate illness and noxa.
We have interiorized that we will get sick one day or another. Our body is a very well designed machine with many compensation mechanisms but with a limit. Therefore, when we get sick we have to stop to think about what limit we have passed and what this disease is saying to us.

noise, toxic effects, physical health, emotional health

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