The fault in the adoption: a case study


Guilt is an emotion that is born in babies through the link with the mother figure, but if it is not integrated healthily, it can cause difficulties in the elaboration of grief and, consequently, in the construction of identity. In relation to adoption processes, it is suggested that there is a possibility that, due to the traumatic situation experienced, guilt may appear in different forms and stages of life. Therefore, the objective of this work is to analyse the articulation of guilt in adoption. The methodology used is based on the Saro Brierley case study, an international adoption case described by the same protagonist in Un largo camino a casa [A Long Way Home] (Península, 2017). This analysis has made possible to confirm that in the adoption, the appearance of guilt is often recurrent due to the multiple losses experienced, while it is reinforced by the relational proposal of the family.

adoption, blame, bond, identity, elaboration of mourning, case study, Saroo

Aida Pairó Julià
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