Conference of Psychoanalysis


We are pleased to invite you to the conference to remember the work of Dr. Francesc Tosquelles i Llauradó and to bring his legacy to the current psychoanalytic and psychiatric practice

It will be held on Saturday 10 June at the Pati Llimona Civic Center in Barcelona and will be attended by Jacques Tosquelles, Francesc Tosquelles’ son and psychiatrist, as well as by other professionals who will elaborate on his figure in different speeches throughout the morning.

Participation is free with pre-enrollment at or from here

Tosquelles and the Community Psychoanalysis: What is left today?

From Intercanvis magazine we want to claim the work of Dr Tosquelles at the hospital in Saint Alban during his exile in France. With pioneering and innovative practices and in the midst of the Europe of Fascism, clinical exercise was linked to the social, political, cultural and artistic involvement and participation of and patients, dignifying thousands of lives and becoming, even decades later, a turning point for the transformation of psychiatric institutions. 

Day program

9:30 h – Presentation of the Day by Marisa Ara, member of Intercanvis magazine’s board.

9:50 h – “After Francesc Tosquelles” by psychiatrist and son of Francesc Tosquelles, Jacques Tosquelles.

10:10 h – “On Francesc Tosquelles and his values” by the psychoanalyst Fernando de Vicente.

10:50 h – “The institutional practice and training with Francesc Tosquelles” by psychiatrist Belén Pardo. 

11.25 h – Interval

11:45 h – “Francesc Tosquelles or psychoanalysis in backwards” by psychoanalyst Miquel Bassols.

12:20 h – “Institutes dedicated to the treatment of madness and segregated childhood” by psychoanalyst Pere Llovet. 

12:45 h – Colloquium

13:30 h – The day will be closed by Oriol Martí, member of Intercanvis magazine’s board.

We hope that the proposal will be of interest to you and we look forward to your presence to enrich the exchange and debate. 


Board of Intercanvis magazine, Psychoanalysis papers
Day program:
pre-enrollment at or from here

Dear Members

We would like to confirm to you that, as approved in last Assembly, next June 10th 2013 on, we will celebrate the
Conference of Psychoanalysis
Intercanvis / Psychoanalysis Papers

These Days will be dedicated to the figure of the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Francesc Tosquelles i Llauradó,
his work, his exile in France and his work at the hospital of Saint Alban. We also want to think about his legacy in the psychoanalytic-psychiatric practice of today.

We are working hard to ensure that these will be clinical conferences for exchange, dialogue and in-person meeting. We will have as rapporteur, among others, his son, the psychiatrist, Jacques Tosquelles.

We would like to ask you to book the date
Barcelona, Saturday June 10th 2023
from 9:00 to 14:30h.

Read at Issue 49 :: December 2022 already in your bookstore, request a copy here and we will send it to you

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