From biopolitics to biobusiness
The current health marketing


One of the main problems of today’s society, driven by strictly mercantile standards, is the medicalization of different aspects of life. The aim of this dissertation is trying to think about how it is possible that this phenomenon has such power nowadays, despite all the criticism it has been receiving for a long time now. In this sense, it is proposed that health marketing (of both services and products) uses perverse mechanisms, which make it extremely intrusive. On the other hand, this dissertation tries to find out which social and psychological mechanisms played into medicalization. First, we have capitalism, the purpose of which is to operate in all areas of life, and second, the psychological aspects, such as resistance to avoid mental pain. It all contributes to medicalization becoming a visible tool of disciplinary power, in a modern way.

medicalization, health marketing, perverse mechanisms.

Antoni Talarn
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