From the ontology of Selbst to the clinic of the self. Applications within the field of psychosomatic illness


In the present text, a central hypothesis is outlined: the psychosomatic condition corresponds to a manifestation of the true self; concept developed by Winnicott.

For this task I propose as support the texts of F. Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1885) and Beyond Good and Evil (1886); these, in turn, will complement the psychoanalytic view of D. W. Winnicott and his input regarding the psychosomatic disorder, which is here the protagonist, however not before having given way to the basics of this particular manifestation, which, I believe, go back to such basic issues as the self. As such it is intended to trace retrospectively the body implications, particularly in the psychosomatic manifestations, thereby trying to move from an ontology of the Selbst to a clinic of the self.

self, it, body, ego and psychosomatic phenomenon.

Mauricio Santín Iriarte
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