Gradiva – XI Exchange Conference on Psychoanalysis

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

Finally, and with a certain delay due to the pandemic, we were able to share with a great number of colleges our 11th Psychoanalysis Exchange Conference on April 21st and 22nd. On this occasion, they are about «The feminine singularity: body, desire and identity».

As usual among us, this staging was preceded by three long years of reading, reflection, exchange, commenting on texts and authors who in the past were interested and contributed ideas on the subject.

The recent experience of living and working in the presence of the virus advised us to organize a bimodal conference: face-to-face and telematic. And reality came to show us that the habit of meeting colleagues survives any adversity; only in very few cases and for unforgivable reasons was the online modality used.

The venue chosen for the event was Pompeu Fabra University at the confluence of Balmes and Provença streets. It provided us with a comfortable and adjusted reception to what the circumstances required during the two days of work.

Entering the subject

The opening plenary conference was given by Leticia Glocer Fiorini since her office in Buenos Aires. She disserted about «The feminine and the women: transitions and subversions».

Her contribution was liberalizing in nature, and she included theoretical and clinical aspects of psychoanalysis and gleaned on other fields of knowledge as a more comprehensive way of thinking about the feminine and the problems of women.[…]

Antonio Soler, Jerónimo Erviti
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