Group experience around the elderly


This paper makes reflections about the experience of an elderly people therapy group, implemented in the CSM of Sants, Fundació Sant Pere Calver, from May 2012 until March 2013, 34 therapy sessions with a once per week frequency. The group was composed of 14 members, two therapists and an observer. Its creation was responding to the need of care of a large number of seniors who were directed from primary care centers to the CSM to be treated in a psychiatric and a psychological way, mainly with depressive symptoms resistant to standard treatment. The work describes the observations of therapists and observers made about the dynamics of relationships established with the peculiarities of old age, adding the frequent acute and chronic diseases of old age, relationship with death, with mourning, the roles of family and friends, as well as the differential psychological facts in this vital stage. It was noted that the close relationship between the elderly and their caregivers and with the other group members, facilitates an activation of the relational dynamics, both interpersonal and intrapsychic. This activation facilitated the remission of a large part of the depressive symptoms.

group, elderly people, old age, depressive symptoms.

Carlos Giménez Lorente, Joana Lara Cabrejas
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