Group psychotherapy in old age. A research project


Our aim is to report the elderly people’s psychoanalytic psychotherapy, a pilot project initiated and coordinated by Dr. Pere Folch i Mateu (in memoriam) in September 2010 in Barcelona by a group of mental health professionals, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists with psychoanalytic training and group psychotherapy.

We put some stress in the group’s psychoanalytic psychotherapy common areas and the way to think about the problems of aging and how to approach it. Key words: Psychoanalytic group psychotherapy, elderly patients, psychotherapeutic work towards insight and working through processes.

psychoanalytic group psychotherapy, elderly patients, psychotherapeutic work towards insight, working through processes

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

We set up groups with a start and an end. The end is known at the time of differentiation in the group, and when the group is terminated, thus providing the security of what time is and what resources are available (frame). The known, planned end will confront us at the end of the group, this being an end we can face: we know it. This allows one to face the “death anxiety”, which will circulate in these groups from the beginning. One patient said, “My husband died and no one told me, no one said anything, they denied me, I didn’t know my husband died, they knew all but me, my children came home to see him and they denied me, they deceived me and they knew it.” Knowing the end date of the group helped this patient and the whole group, to undeceivedly approach the “dead group”, to make a “off”. The group task is to help not deny what is so obvious: the end of the group or the death itself. We have a task with regard to the anxiety of death and the defences surrounding it.[…]

Marta Lleonart, Glòria Mateu
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