Group therapeutic work in mental health center


An experience of therapeutic groups

We present the following considerations on a systematic psychotherapeutic work group in an adult mental health centre (CSMA), with youth and adults, which we organize annually as a psychotherapeutic resort, with a ratio of continuous work, offering the patients a group environment weekly throughout 40 sessions.

As a mental health centre, it is clearer the difficulty on attending the patients, most of them in crisis, with the appropriate frequency to encourage them to be recovered and restore their healthy daily life in the family environment, and the social, the educational and the professional life. The proposal of the group work allows us to carry out this continuous work on exploration, understanding the internal reality and facilitating the group awareness.

The group psychotherapeutic format we provide has a weekly frequency where the patients are invited to explore their emotions, express and understand them, as well as the rest of the group’s. The final goal is not only the improvement of the symptoms presented, we also attempt to ease the work on emotions inside the group and achieve a certain capacity for self-analysis.
In addition we try to analyze some important aspects related to the psychoanalytical approach and technique.

group psychotherapy, working group, basic assumption, insight, working through, general practicioners, mental health services, mental health services and primary care services project (PSAP)

Marta Lleonart i Camps, Glòria Mateu i Vives
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