Hook: a captain without power. The consequences of generational denial


Nowadays, in the clinical practice we can very often find children and teenagers whose parents have made a real dereliction of their duties, leaving them homeless-like, full of fear, a fear they will project in different ways, even denying it or transforming it in the opposite: potential little criminals? They are left exposed to all kinds of abuses that come from the environment, and parents represent this fear children need to interact with.

The problem is not only found in the clinical practice, but it is also the discomfort of a society, who sees violence as one of the most important points. Society is violating the growth and subjective constructions of our children and teenagers, with a violence that has a traumatic and confusing effect on the filiation series.

We can state that the generational gap is being denied. The generation gap is something that has to happen so that the necessary conditions for a potential Oedipus complex sinking to occur: the prohibition of incest and the castration complex.

We intend to think on how we could work this situation with both children and parents.

generational denial, limits, Oedipus, superego, stories.

Joseph Knobel Freud
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