How to accompany the adolescent who aborts?


Accompanying a teenager and her partner when faced with an unplanned pregnancy allows for some space with a professional who is not emotionally involved to lead this moment of crisis in which there might be ambivalence, pain, external pressure or personal internal demands.

If the teenager can speak about the situation externalising it to someone else, there is a possibility to put into order aspects that produce internal confusion and mix-ups. This causes anxiety to decrease and ideas can then be connected, which may affect the decision to be taken and which she was unaware of. That is to say, she can have a clear idea of what is at stake in this situation so as not to be overwhelmed with the anxiety the situation provokes and not rush into taking a decision.

The professionals’ capability to listen allows the teenager to take more aspects into account when taking her decision and gives her more responsibility regarding her «issue» and how to solve it.

adolescent, pregnancy, accompaniment, abortion, mourning, interview.

Anna Casino
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