Impact of COVID-19 in perinatality and early childhood


The medical side effects of COVID-19 are well known, but we are still unaware of the side effects that will occur as time goes on. At perinatal level, it is well known that, after the introduction of a paradigm shift with developmental and family-centered care, implemented approximately fifteen years ago in most NICUs, the reduction in the accompaniment of children has been a very important step backwards. This has been reported in gynecology, obstetrics and in pediatric admissions in general. Through tracking we have known the impact it has had on the mental health of parents and children who have had to suffer these circumstances.

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[Automatic translation from Catalan]:

The impact of COVID-19 has been very important throughout the perinatal stage from pregnancy to the early stages of child life.

Throughout pregnancy, the only reason why the couple could not enter the queries has represented a great void in sharing, from the confirmation of pregnancy to the evolution of the fetus through the echoes and explanations given to parents, in this case to the mother alone.

On many occasions, professionals have made the effort to print ecographs or take photos to make the father involved as much as possible.

We can imagine what this father’s absence represented when he gave some news of risk or detecting some anomaly during pregnancy, without the support of the couple. Although many exceptions have been made, there was a time when it was not possible to create further risks, we must think that, of course, these visits were always face-to-face and very often, at the beginning, without sufficient protective elements within a hospital that mostly had COVID-19 patients.

Nor has it been possible to prepare the parting or breastfeeding groups, which are so important in this period. The groups, at best, have been virtual, with other parents they do not know and will only see through the screen. We know that these moments tend to be very emotionally intimate with couples and it becomes very difficult to create a suitable environment so that they can ask or talk about fears, about worries about pregnancy, childbirth, etc.

At birth, the hospital stay was shortened due to the risk of infection. The mothers got out with their baby with many questions and feeling little assistance. […]

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