Graciela Traba – In memoriam

[Automatic translation from Catalan]:

The COPC Women’s Health Working Group want to remember her career.

Graciela Traba entered the world of women’s health and was a driving force behind many projects and research.

Her professional and personal strength and generosity made our group an interdisciplinary task from psychology, culture and art. Shared projects with actresses, the parallel path of mythical characters in the world of women’s art, such as Frida Kahlo and Marilyn Monroe, or the study of mystical love in women, deepening into the figure of Teresa of Jesus; they gave us an indispensable clinical and social vision in our profession.

We are proud of her lessons as a professional and as a friend. We will always remember her.


Your home saw the beach
And a horizon with such a large sea that it reached your country.
From the balcony, we looked at changing times, shared days:
Read books, study, projects, travel…
All surrounded by the flair of a good table.
Don’t recall the days, but the moments – as Pavese said – Moments of smiles, of complicity, of the burst of life.

Your home saw the beach,
But now, the horizon is farther away, imperceptible.

Mercè Rigo (on behalf of Grup de treball «Dona i Salut»)

Grup de treball «Dona i Salut»: Júlia Masip, Gisela Navarro, Alba Orteu, Mercè Rigo
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[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

She left with the same dignity that she lived with.

Putting human beings alongside the profession.

Friendship before convenience. Delicate and discreet in the face of the world and its vicissitudes.

And in her soft walk through the life, defending women.

Jocelyn Guerrero García
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