Is the theater therapeutic?


One can speak of various theaters. The theater of the body, the theater of the mind and the theater of the social sphere. Clearly, they cannot be taken apart. As bio-psycho-social beings, humans are in continuous creation. We are able to express ourselves in all these spheres and that is due to the multi-representational capacity of the human scene.

In our culture, however, various trades are in charge of each and every one of these theaters. Unlike primitive cultures, for example, where a shaman would enact a psychosomatic theatrical performance, aimed at the tribe, the group: with a clear social and healing purpose.

We conclude that the theater is therapeutic in and of itself, just as any artistic activity that allows one to sublimate and transform the destructive impulses of humans and of society as a whole would be. Theater in psychotherapy or psychodrama requires, in the first place, the regular study of psychology and psychopathology, and secondly, the study of methods of psychiatric transformation adequate to the diverse pathologies that exist, and thirdly, we offer training to interdisciplinary groups of actors, theater directors and psychotherapists as work instruments with a strongly transformative potential.

theater, psychodrama, interdisciplinary work, sublimation, creativity.

Raúl Vaimberg
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