Leonor Izquierdo Cuevas: the visibility of a dignified woman


Apart from the age difference, there was nothing worthy of note in the first meeting of Antonio Machado and Leonor Izquierdo in Soria in 1907. It is almost certain that they became acquainted in that boarding house in 54 Collado Street. She was living there and this was also the first boarding house Machado stayed at. Aside from what we know of the wedding, of the trip to Paris and her illness, we know little of her biography. The privacy between them remained unbreached. Her illness and death, however, led Antonio Machado to give Leonor visibility, to highlight her importance and the firm commitment between them and the simple qualities of her personality.

The muse of Machado, in our opinion, was not Leonor but simply the town and people of Soria. Leonor was his wife, his equal, visible for him in his life and in his work. A human being who together with another human being formed, for a brief period in time, a space in which reigned respect and love.

Leonor, Soria, Collado Street, Machado, people, visibility

Jesús Bozal Alfaro
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