Conference ins and outs: the image

In preparation for a public event such as the Psychoanalysis Conference on June 10th, many people have taken part and we are very grateful for their cooperation.

Today, we will be looking at the work of the professionals who have worked on the graphic part and the design of the image of the 2023 Conference.

Hired company: La Clara Comunicació Coop.
Technical manager: Sira Jodar

The Board’s Request

We want the image to enhance Tosquelles’s work in the sense of presenting a breaking psychiatry and psychology for the time and creating community care for mental health.

Some picture of Tosquelles would be a possibility of what we want to highlight. However, we must add an interesting aesthetic cover to this.

Previous deliberation

It is ruled out to use photographs or portraits of Dr. Tosquelles as the axis of the image of the conference, because despite our recognition of his leading figure, we are more interested in highlighting the spirit of his work. Nor there is any desire to use purely decorative images and a representation of that spirit is chosen.

The idea

We want to represent individuality and community.

From the outset it is ruled out that a closed individuality in itself is the proper expression, so the figure of the closed circle looking only inward will not be used, where the circle is a crust that protects us or isolates us from others and the outside world, impenetrable, without porosity, people and institutions locked in their own cosmos.

Instead, the figure of the middle circle will be used, representing fragile individualities, uncompleted, open and in communication.

Individualities that may be isolated but always open to new encounters, as in interaction, without invasion, maintaining contact with each other but with respect to their individuality. There must be interaction in the image.

in contact with impenetrable
two that don’t look at each other
the world around us

The environment

Resolving the main motif of the image to develop, the subject of the chromatic range is addressed. Individualities must be represented in a clear colour, away from the darkness of unhealthy and toxic thoughts. But they cannot be white, to move them away from the thought of virginal purity.

The background colours representing the outside world must express amplitude. A single background colour is discarded, to escape a one-to-one idea, distant from the multi-reference universe and learning of the honoree.

The result

It talks about the opening of the psychiatric center outside, the exit and the encounter with the other. The background chromatic swing between two colour proposals: blue (heaven, outside) and green (nature, outside), without a sharp break between them but in transition and surrounding the individualities of people and institutions in interaction.

It is an abstract and also very visual proposal.
Seeking this effect of drawing attention. Will we have achieved that?

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