Memory, grief and psychoanalysis on the long way of pain between 1939 and 2017


As the purpose of traumatic symptom is to find someone to talk to, this article is an attempt to articulate a written answer to the question: which is the attitude psychoanalyst must adopt in cases of mourning for social trauma?

Tries to develop cognition traumatic drawing from the intrinsic evidence of intergenerational transmission of trauma from the first to the fourth generation, standing up for the healing benefits of the word, and stating that the analyst must also cover the interpretation of what the patient can not say but it has been transmitted.

From a critical and disruptive continuity, the text honors the work and doctrine of the pioneers of psychoanalysis in Catalonia and Spain before the 1936-1939 War, not to mention that we not only brings together communicants for the ideals of an ethical stance against events of this magnitude.

memory, trauma, grief, psychoanalysis, listening, silence

Anna Miñarro
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