Multicausality and overdetermination of violence


The human, the subject, is a social, cultural and historical phenomenon characterized by a complex epistemological stratification. The analysis of violence is also a very complex phenomenon.

Violence is a multicausal phenomenon whose explanation lies in the presence and interaction of a considerable number of social determinants, community factors, and different situational elements that make this problem one of the most complex challenges today.

This text is divided into four parts: 1) The concepts of multicausality and overdetermination, 2) The progression of violence, 3) Current psychic suffering. The deconstruction of subjectivity, and 4) The increase of the death instinct and the failure of binding instances.

It is pertinent to point out that violence is not a possibility of certain pathologies (psychoses, perversions, psychopaths, etc.), but is present in all human beings. It is more: it is a characteristic of it and travels and covers the whole history of humanity.

violence, multi-causality, suffering, drive, deconstruction, ligation

Carlos Baró
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