On the subject of violence: context, trauma and reparation


Violence is present in life, in human behaviour. It has been and is still a wide field of observation for psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists and psychoanalysts. Studying the psychological trauma associated with violent demonstrations, which can be unaccountable to those who suffer, without forgetting that violence is a public health problem, which generates emotional and psychological disturbances by violent trauma, being able to exercise their impact on social behaviour and also having an impact on health.

Political violence, social violence, but also other conflicts where there are violent expressions as is the case of situations of poverty, migration, mental illness, terrorism, torture, historical memory, etc.

Violence portrays people and their societies. Resolving it requires preventive actions and to coach antagonistic social behaviours, particularly focussing on attention to the victims and their reparation.

violence; trauma; public health; human behaviour

Iñaki Markez
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