Presentation of Alberto Palacios Boix

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:
Dr. Alberto Palacios Boix is Professor in Medicine, head of department of Immunology and Rheumatology at the Hospital of México, D.F. in addition to psychotherapist.

We met at the celebration of the Association of Psychosomatics of the International Psychosomatic Association Pierre Marty, organized by the Society of Iber American Psychosomatic Studies in Barcelona, brought perhaps by his interest in psychodynamic factors in the medical-patient relationship and some supposedly major psychogenic diseases. Since then, we have shared some meetings from a psycho-therapeutic point of view and especially through his writings, such as the text we present here.

Alberto surprises his friends and their environment with his reflections on various topical issues. Through his careful prose, he brings us to know about him from his generosity.

Another facet of him is that he is a worthy cellist. On one occasion I was surprised by his dexterity with Bach’s Suite No. 1.

The text we are presenting is a reflection on the subject of the pandemic by COVID-19. Written before the presence of this sixth wave, it has been added to us by the ease of contagion, the consequence of the Omicron strain. Although a lot is being written about this lately, it is interesting that his vision and positioning are going to be discovered at your reading.

In his book Crossing between Love and Death. Chronicles of a pandemic, a broad reflection on the influence of these times that we live in.

Juan José Tolosa
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