Presentation of Gastón Auguste’s «Chemsex and psychotherapy virtual group» project

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:
It is a pleasure for me to present this article by Gastón Auguste, a psychoanalytic group-formed psychodrama psychologist. I met him in the framework of the first Catalan Seminar of Psychotherapy of Group and Psychodrama performed at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona and later as a student of the Master in Groups and Psychodrama that we developed in collaboration with IL3-Universidad de Barcelona.

Gastón Auguste develops a committed work with a group of high-vulnerability patients, drug consumption associated with sex within the LGBT community LGTBIQA+. His approach is innovative, creative, and controversial and is capable of generating reflection in the field of psychopathology. Psychopathology, in recent decades, exhibits multiple paradigm shifts and as a result of modalities of technical instrumentation.

He initiates the experience that tells us about the confinement due to the COVID-19. His proposal is to work in online group and combine a synchronous videoconference frame with a textual chat for asynchronous WhatsApp. Subsequently, clinical experience and societal situation lead him to develop mixed interventions in which he combines inline framing with other eye-to-face framing.

Its positioning is multivertex and transtheoretical and capable of incorporating new techniques and technologies, I understand that these characteristics indicate some of the features of the future of psychotherapy. These are times of social transformation, uncertainty, and the development of new forms of subjectivity, relationship and balance between destructiveness and human creativity. We need new forms of containment and new ways of working that are useful to our patients.

Raúl Vaimberg Grillo
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