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[Automatic translation from Catalan]:
The Group for Neonatal Studies (GEN) is a working group that is part of the activities of the Catalan Society of Paediatric.

The document we offer you (Document of the Group for Neonatal Studies (GEN): Accompanying parents to babies in the UCI Neonates and motherhood plants in connection with the SARS-CoV-2) pandemic was introduced by Dr. Gemma Guinovart in 19/2021 in an act promoted by NADOCAT (Catalan Initiative for Integral Assistance of Baby and his Family).

This is a result of the observation of the backtracking that has meant the covid rules into the paradigm achieved with the CCDF (Care focus on Development and Family) and the impact on the parent-child bond, the mutual support of parents and the parent-professional relationship.

The document has given a rapid response to the difficulties arising from covid in this area.

Juan J. Tolosa
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