Presentation of Miquel Bassols i Puig

[Automatic translation from Catalan]:
Miquel Bassols (Barcelona, 1958) is a member of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis and the École de la Cause freudienne, professor and coordinator of the Clinical Section of Barcelona (Freudian Field Institute). He has obtained the degree of Doctor in the Département of Psychanalyse of the 8th Paris University. He has been a member of the Council of the European School of Psychoanalysis since its inception by Jacques-Alain Miller in 1990 and has been the president during the period 1998-2001. He has been a member of the World Psychoanalysis Association Council (AMP).

The text that we have the joy to present to you today shows us how the work Beyond the pleasure principle, which represented a major shift in the conception of human being in the Freudian work, was later also overturned by Jacques Lacan by opening the notion of «enjoyment» and transforming it into the principle of tranquility which, like pleasure, can never be constant. This is to say that repeating the cycle of satisfaction of any beat, carried to the limit, necessarily implies the death drive (Todestrieb)

This excellent article also makes a two-line journey in Western thinking. From Aristotle, to Blaise Pascal as the origin of modern science, and it leads us to observe, following his work, how desire is always uneasy, hyperactive and, consequently, the desire of the psychoanalyst will also be. The analyst’s desire is not an exception to this law.

What we can call, as he tells us, «small bombs» will appear in our daily work, which is not always easy to locate and for which a forced writing work is needed that allows us to recognize what cannot be said, what cannot be symbolized from the traumatic actual, and thus acknowledge the anguish that will allow us time to understand and avoid in a hurry rushing.

Listening to our patients, with respect and maximum attention, recognising our «small bombs», is what will allow their personal history to be re- written.

Anna Miñarro
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