Presentations of book «Studies in metapsychology» by Luis Sales


On past 1 April took place the presentation of the book Estudios de metapsicología. La vigencia de un pensamiento, authored by our colleague Luis Sales, psychoanalyst and member of Gradiva, Associació d’Estudis Psicoanalítics, and former subscriber and collaborator of Intercanvis.

This article includes the interventions of the three presenters who took part in the event: the psychoanalysts Víctor Korman (also author of the prologue to the book), María Elena Sammartino and Eduardo Braier, also subscribers to the journal and well known to our readers. In their respective presentations, each of them referred to the different subjects or themes that make up the table of contents of the volume that is the subject of the presentation.

metapsychology, actuality, validity, disavowal, primal repression, borderline pathology

[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

Speech by Victor Korman
Tonight I would like to make a responsible proposal: let us try to avoid —just for a couple of hours— the pandemic, the barbarity of war and the brutality that is falling on Ukraine. Let us join with joy at the party of the lyrics which is the presentation of a new and magnificent book. In addition, it is about psychoanalysis. The enjoyment should be double. On the other hand, we have promoted reencounters, which adds joy. These are indicators that, in spite of everything, life continues, the body holds, the mind continues to work and the social remains active.

I said: «responsible proposal» and proposed «render us for a while»; I did not say –to go further into the matter– to suppress, deny, foreclusion, and deny what is happening. Freud warned us that the history of humanity shows, without doubt, that cruelty and sexual pulsion are cobelong. […]
Speech by María Elena Sammartino
The birth of a book that provides knowledge and creation is always a cause of joy, but much more so if the thinker and writer is a man of the human and intellectual quality that Luis, a partner and friend, has, with whom I have shared hours and hours of clinical and theoretical debate for over 20 years in Gradiva. Always generous with his deep and clear knowledge, Luis also comes out with a tenderness that is revealed, discreet and swindler, after the serious and formal image of his words. This slyness also appears in the agile, beautiful, and effective prose of his book, a treatise on metapsychology written with the rhythm and cadence of a music lover like him. As if a symphony were concerned, the reader would find himself far from a formal exposition and much closer to a piece with surprising movements that are building a whole with increasing logic and meaning. […]
Speech by Eduardo Braier
I join in the thanks of my colleagues, […] The text exudes a erudition that is only the patrimony of a few. He is a true exegete of Sigmund Freud’s work. However, in Luis Sales, the revised metapsychology bears a particular stamp, made of subtleties and sagacity, of a permanent interrelation between theoretical speculation and clinical empiricism, all of which enables it to achieve original approaches and proposals on the various topics. And all this without falling into dogmatism in Freudian theories, quite the opposite, by maintaining a critical spirit. Freud, as my old friend and colleague Rubén Zukerfeld usually says, should always be «a reference author and not a reverence author».

About this unique construction of the different concepts that Luis is doing we’ve already heard […]

Victor Korman, María Elena Sammartino, Eduardo Braier
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