Professional work tools


This article tries to make the working tools for mental health professionals recognisable, which are, basically, those elements which enable the execution of the thinking process. It follows closely the theoretical developments of W. R. Bion, specifically the Table of Elements of Psychoanalysis and Transformations. It starts the tour with a preface on intention, attention and register or notation. Then, it continues with the psychic equivalents deriving from the five senses and the interoception as a psychic apparatus for the knowledge of internal and external reality.

Thirdly, it develops a hypothesis on the transformations which took place in this process, going from sensorial and interoceptive perception and passing through a series of vicissitudes with five organizers which allow these transformations. These five organizers are: 1) alpha function and contact barrier, 2) space/time coordinates, 3) capacity of detecting the quality and quantity of predominant anxiety, 4) detection of the use of psychic defences and 5) narrative creation. Finally, there is a last part which deals with other theoretical and technical working tools.

instruments, perception, thought processing, observation, emotional resonance, intuition.

Àngels Vives Belmonte
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