Protection of health. Accompaniment in and with feelings (method AcSent)


This article arises from the speech I gave at a conference in Budapest. It intends to make a reflection on prevention in health and to help professionals and institutions involved in health to become aware of the need to create healthy emotional bonds between human beings.

Preventing by favoring mental health in childhood and adolescence (the adults of the future) is less costly, emotionally and economically, than taking care of later disorders and illnesses. Prevention avoids sick societies in the future.

The article tries to convey the importance of care for children, adolescents and the family and develops the idea that what is really important in relationships is authenticity and feeling. Accompanying in and with feelings is the core of the AcSent Method, a proven and effective tool in health promotion.

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[Automatic translation from Spanish]:

Personality development is achieved through experiences of intimate and intensely emotional relationships. The father-mother and son group is a relation of «to three»; they are three functioning minds that feed each other into an emotional experience (Núria Abelló and Manuel Pérez Sánchez introduce the concept of «original unity»). Infancy professionals agree that children’s mental health is highly conditioned to the quality of affective relationships—especially the family—and to the stability and continuity of these relationships. According to D. Meltzer and J. Thomas, the family is a basic structure that favours the mental organization of children. And it’s the framework of emotional growth among all its members.

Children know when they are loved and when they are not. They detect it internally. It’s deep, it’s through invisible ties. The adult cannot fool. I believe that the professionals who engage in the mental health of children must help to bring about a genuine and profound emotional encounter between parents/carers and children.

Childhood needs love and deep understanding to grow in conditions. They cannot love if they are not loved. The child is an influence being. The greatest influence is that of his parents, followed by the family in general, the pediatrician, nurses, nurses, nurses, teachers…

I increasingly believe in preventive work to promote mental health in childhood. Let us not forget that today’s children and adolescents are tomorrow’s adults. It is less expensive emotional and financially to work prevention than to deal with subsequent disorders and diseases. If […]

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